We have just one, precious life – and we give that life meaning through the actions we take and the connections we make as we live it. By celebrating the unique, individual life of the person who has died, humanist funerals celebrate life itself.

“Although Grandad’s funeral was extremely sad, the words and tone you used were perfect. Your support running up to the day helped us focus on what we wanted the day to be – a celebration of his wonderful life”

Funerals are an immensely important part of the grieving process, enabling us to fully acknowledge and mark a death; bringing people together to express their sorrow and to support one another.  

And a good funeral is also wonderfully healing. It is a celebration of the life that has been; a time of love and reflection which fully explores and respects the life story and values of the person who has died. It is personal, it is sensitive and it is truthful.

“The ceremony you have written is brilliant. You really managed to capture the spirit of my father”

Typically, a funeral in a crematorium or cemetery chapel runs like this:

  • Entrance music
  • Introduction and welcome
  • Tribute to the person who has died (this is the longest part of the service)
  • A quiet period of reflection – sometimes with a poem or reading and often followed by some music
  • The final farewell (committal) in the chapel or at the graveside
  • Closing words and final music

…but it’s up to you. I will make suggestions and offer guidance at every stage, but the decisions are yours.  This funeral needs to be right for you, for the family and other mourners, and for the person who has died.

If you’d like things done differently, there are alternatives to explore. A reception at a pub before we move to the chapel for a farewell? Ashes or the coffin present at your house where just few people gather in private? Maybe you have particular ideas about poems, music or inclusion of a ritual or theme? Let’s talk about it. Let’s get it absolutely right.

Anything else you’d like to know? Please do call me for more information and a no-obligation chat on 07962 990102 or email natalie@nataliecharles.co.uk