Every aspect of our lives has needed to adapt to cope with the challenge that Covid-19 (coronavirus) has created. But whatever else is going on in the world, it’s deeply important to mark the death of someone close.

I am happy to talk on the phone, free of charge and without obligation, about how best to do this in your unique circumstances. I want to help.

Your options

It is once again permissible to hold a funeral in a crematorium or cemetery chapel or at a natural burial site. To protect us all, numbers of attendees are restricted – often to 20 people including family and friends – and attendees are asked to keep a social distance. To reach out to all those who can’t join us, live streaming and recording of funerals are widely available. Your funeral director will tell you what is on offer at different sites, and I will share the latest information as we prepare together for the funeral that you are planning.

Instead or in addition, you might prefer to wait until you can hold a larger service after the restrictions have been fully lifted. In the meantime you could ask your funeral director to organise a direct cremation, which is when the person’s body is moved without ceremony from where it is being looked after straight to the crematorium. On that day you could gather at home and online to remember the person’s life with candles, music and a few words of remembrance.

I am very happy to help with any of these options and others; or to create with you a beautiful and meaningful family occasion to be held at home.

How I’m working

While restrictions apply, I’m working differently.

Instead of coming to your home we’ll hold a telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom call to talk through the elements that you’d like included in the service, and so that I can learn about the person who has died. Afterwards we’ll follow up with emails and phone calls, and as usual I’ll be there on the day to lead the service.

You’ll find a detailed account under ‘How Does it Work?’

Got a question?

Call me on 07962 990102. I’ll be happy to help.