What is ‘direct cremation’?

This term came to public attention when David Bowie specified that his should be a direct cremation. Put simply, it means that the person’s body is delivered for cremation without a ceremony at the crematorium chapel.

But most people requesting direct cremation are still planning a ceremony to help them recall and celebrate the life of the person who has died. They just want to do it at a time or place that’s not connected to the cremation itself. That frees them up to choose to hold an event at home, in a beautiful location or even in their local pub. There, friends and family can gather to remember the person at their own pace, in the place that feels right, and perhaps hold a reception or a wake (with the body present) in that same place. Anything’s possible.

If this sounds appealing, let me know as soon as you can. We’ll need to discuss some logistics, and I’ll be glad to help you arrange a really memorable and unique celebration of the person who was so special to you.